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      Saddle Trials

      With The SaddleShack

      The SaddleShack offer three-day saddle trials on our full range of saddles.

      While we aim to provide as much information as possible, sometimes there are small details that can be missed. Trials are a great way to ensure that both the quality and fit of your saddle meet your expectations.

      The Four Steps to Trialling a Saddle

      Browse Saddles


      Order Saddles


      Trial Saddles


      Keep or Return Saddles

      Return/ Keep

      Frequently Asked Questions

      FAQs - Saddle Trail
      Return your saddle

      How To Return Your Saddle Following a Trial

      • Your three-day trial starts when you receive the saddle and includes weekends and bank holidays. 
      • If you wish to return the product, please notify us by email, text, or by telephone by 11am on the fourth day. 
      • Please fill in the returns form (sent out with your delivery), enclosed with the saddle, and then post back to us for next day delivery.  
      • If you would prefer us to arrange collection from you, please advise when you contact us to return. (It is your responsibility to ensure you are available for the collection). 
      • Please make sure the saddle is carefully wrapped and if you are posting back, share the tracking details. 
      • When sending back your saddle, please ensure that the delivery time is no longer than 48 hours, or you may be subject to a £25 fine (per 24 hours late).
      •  Once the delivery is received, we will refund you (minus any carriage fees) within 48 hours. 
      • We do charge a £10 (plus VAT) handling fee to cover our costs. This fee is payable should you cancel your order.
      • Saddles must be returned in the same condition that they were received. Please ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. Customers that have returned saddles that were not in the same condition that they were received, will be subject to a £15 cleaning fee.


      We take tremendous care to source a wide range of saddles that meet our customer's high expectations.
      Quality is the first thing our customers think of when they see "second-hand".
      We have always been, and always will be, transparent on the quality of products by providing as much information as possible.


      We are a local business that supports riders from all backgrounds so take great pride in offering fair and affordable pricing to our customers. 
      Our range caters for all budgets, large and small. If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch and we'll do our best to source you a quality saddle that fits!


      Our staff are passionate about our products because we are riders too. We pride ourselves on providing genuine, impartial advice to all of our customers.
      If you have any questions or simply need advice, our team is waiting at the ready to assist you.