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      ABOUT US

      The SaddleShack Story

      Black and brown saddles on a shop wall display.

      The SaddleShack

      Horses are part of our family. We understand how important it is to find the riding equipment that support the bond between us and these incredible animals.

      The Saddleshack are based in Holsworthy and have provided quality saddles for many years. We offer our customers an excellent selection of quality, new and used saddles, at affordable prices.

      Our staff are passionate about our products because we are riders too. We pride ourselves on providing genuine, impartial advice to all of our customers. 

      We are now selling our saddles and equestrian equipment online and deliver to your door.

      Across our site you'll find a wide range of saddles for multiple purposes. Explore the range across our collection and product pages! 

      Our Team - Karen

      Karen Frost is the owner of The Saddle Shack. The SaddleShack was born out of a frustration to find a saddle for one of her horses. 9 saddles and lots of wasted cash later, she finally found one to fit. People locally knew she had ‘collected’ lots of saddles and would ask her if she had one that might possibly fit their horse. The rest as they say is history.

      She has three horses at home, Sabi, Scooby and Twinkle. Sabi is a 16hh tb x who is a speed demon who loves his work. Scooby is a black 5yo Warmblood with whom she hopes to do a bit of show jumping and dressage. Twinkle is a Dartmoor Hill Pony who keeps the yard sane if one of the other horses goes out to an event.  

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      We take tremendous care to source saddles that meet our customer's high expectations.

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      We are a local business that supports riders from all backgrounds so take great pride in offering fair and affordable pricing to our customers.

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      Three Day Trials

      All of our saddles are available for a three day trial through delivery or in-store pickup.

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