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      VSD Saddles

      VSD originates from Germany and stands for “Vielseitigkeitssättel dressur” which translates to “versatility saddle (dressage)”. VSD is also commonly referred to as "Very-Slightly Dressage.

      VSD Saddles are designed to be versatile, hence the name, so sit between a general purpose saddle and a dressage saddle. The flaps are cut slightly straighter than a standard GP saddle but not as straight as a typical dressage saddle.

      This type of saddle is great for horses with big shoulders as the cut of the panels helps to eliminate constricting the movements of the horses shoulders. It also helps to stop the shoulder pushing the saddle backwards.

      Our wide range of New and Used VSD Saddles are available for trial before you buy. We also offer free collection in Holsworthy store. We work around the clock the secure you high quality saddles at affordable prices.

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